Youth Programs

The MICA Curatorial Practice program is pleased to offer a series of four free workshops for youth as part of the CONGREGATE art+faith+community project. 

The workshops will visit local arts organizations in the Station North Arts and Entertainment Districts, to get a glimpse into who is here and what they are up to!  We will also be making art work- some to take home to remember the experience, and some to help us make the exhibition in the gallery look beautiful!  Your friends and family can come to the exhibition and see your work from September 6-25 while CONGREGATE is on view.

Workshop descriptions:

Friday, July 26th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Welcome!

We’re excited to get to know each other and see all the cool stuff happening in Station North.  On our first day, we’ll explore a bit of Baltimore history- the Globe Poster Collection.  Here we will see how the posters are made, and get to talk to the people who made posters for legends like James Brown and The Jackson 5- just a little piece of what makes Baltimore great! Afterwards, we will move and shake with AKIMBO dance company in the Studio Center galleries.  Nicole Martinell will be there to help us- she’s a total pro!

Globe Poster Collection


Friday, August 2nd 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Screen printing with Baltimore Print Studios

Remember those Globe posters?  Well, now you get to make your own!  Our friends Kyle and Kim at the Baltimore Print Studio will help us make screen prints at their North Avenue studio.  We’ll learn how screen prints are made and do some artistic experimenting with the colors and screens they have for us to use.  The prints will be hung in the galleries at MICA during CONGREGATE art + faith + community. Make sure you bring a lunch, you’ll need lots of energy for your inner artist to come out!

CONGREGATE Youth Program


Friday, August 9th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Letter Press with Baltimore Print Studios

We’re headed back to the Baltimore Print Studio to finish the prints we started with screen printing, only now we will be letter pressing as well.  That means special letters and words you decide on will be printed onto your screen prints.  Remember, this is going to hang in the gallery- what do you want your print to say about you?  Make sure you invite your friends and family to see your work proudly installed with Congregate.

Letter Press

Friday, August 16th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Hoola Hoops with Station North Tool Library

Station North has a lot going on- music, performance, and art can be seen everywhere!  Today we will take a journey through the district to check out some great street art murals with the Open Walls exhibition, and learn about some of the artworks that can be seen in the public.  We’ve got some cool adventures up our sleeve- you will need sunscreen and a bottle of water, no adventure is complete without these! On our journey we will pay a visit to the Station North Tool Library, where our friend John Shea will show us how to use some basic hand tools to create a design project.  This one you get to take home!