The Team


From left to right: Caitlin Tucker-Melvin, Michelle Gomez, Co-instructor Gerald Ross, Co-instructor Jeffry Cudlin, Qianfei Wang, Ashley Molese, Xioatian Yang and Victoria Timpo.

The Curatorial Practice Class of 2014, hailing from all corners of the globe, with backgrounds in fine arts, exhibition design, graphic design, English literature, and curatorial studies, has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. The group is made up of student-curators Michelle Gomez (Miami), working on finance and budgeting; Ashley Molese (Long Island, N.Y.), on public programs; Victoria Timpo (Chicago), on outreach evaluation; Caitlin Tucker-Melvin (Willingboro, N.J.), on audience development; Qianfei Wang (Dalian, China), on communications; and Xiaotian Yang (Shanghai, China), on publications.

Using their shared depth of knowledge and experience as a springboard, the curators have worked together to develop an exhibition that connects the local community to local and regional artists. Their aim is to create art experiences that are welcoming to all and which encourage conversation between diverse groups.