New 2nd Missionary Baptist Church

New Second Missionary Baptist Church: 214 E Lanvale St, Baltimore, MD 21202 

Founded in 1956, New Second Missionary Baptist Church is a self-described “small church that worships a big God.” According to Ms. Mitzi McCain: “What we lack in size we more than make up for in community, love, and fellowship. Our church is built upon biblical principles and we are taught weekly on these principles—and the application of these principles in our daily lives.”


Saint Michaels & All Angels Episcopal Church

St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church: 2013 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church is an urban church that has existed since 1877. This parish continues to be an anchor in the community, offering contemporary Eucharistic worship on Sundays and Anglo-Catholic Eucharistic worship on Wednesdays. Members of this contemporary multi-cultural congregation are committed to supporting one another, to connecting with God through worship and prayer, and to discerning how they can best serve their community—meeting people where they live and being compassionate with them just as Christ is with us.


7th Metro Church

Seventh Metro Church: 30 E. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201      

Seventh Metro Church is a city-centered, city-reaching community of faith. It was established in 1845 as Seventh Baptist Church; over the years, the congregation swelled to more than 2000 members. By the 1980s, however, membership had begun to decline precipitously—eventually reaching a low of just 17 people. In 2003, the church was re-launched as Seventh Metro, and members began an intensive campaign of renewal, recommitting themselves to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today the church is an active, positive force in the neighborhood, sponsoring small discussion groups, social athletic teams, and presenting speakers on topics of relevance in the community.


Spiritual Empowerment Center

Spiritual Empowerment Center: 2129 N. Charles, Baltimore, MD 21218

Spiritual Empowerment Center (SEC) is a member of Centers for Spiritual Living, a global community of organizations and ministries adhering to the Science of Mind Principles as established by Dr. Ernest Holmes. These principles are a part of the New Thought tradition, which has its roots in the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Transcendentalist Movement of the 1830s. The core concepts that compose their philosophy are simple: God is all there is; we are all incarnations of the one God; we live in an abundant Universe; there are universal Laws that are impersonal and always operative; we believe that our thoughts create our realities; we are all one, interrelated and interconnected; and we are immortal beings in that our spirits never die.


St. Marks Lutheran Church

St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran: 1900 Saint Paul, Baltimore, MD 21218

St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran had its beginning in 1860 as an English-speaking Lutheran Congregation in downtown Baltimore near the Lexington Market. In 1898, their current building, designed by architect Joseph Evans Sperry, was completed. The church interior was entirely designed by the Tiffany Company of New York, and is recognized as a Baltimore City landmark. For decades the congregation flourished, growing steadily until the 1940s. From that point on, in a pattern familiar to many other churches in the community, membership declined as parishioners steadily began moving to outlying suburbs. Yet today St. Mark’s remains a diverse congregation of lifelong members, committed to their church’s surrounding neighborhood.