The Practicum curators are grateful for the patience, support, and passionate interest of all five congregations and their leaders. Rev. Dale Dusman, Ms. Mitzi McCain, Rev. Ramelle McCall, Pastor Ryan Palmer, and Rev. Michele Synegal welcomed curators and artists alike into their places of worship, their services, and their communities, and were exceedingly generous with their resources and time.

Our project would not have reached its full potential without the guidance of our Practicum Advisory Committee members—Ben Stone, Emily Blumenthal, Myrtis Bedolla, Stewart Watson, Frankie Jones, Garland Thomas, Michael Mazepink, Karen Stults, and Stephen Townes.

We would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Robinson for supporting our series of Congregate youth workshops. MICA’s Offices of Community Engagement and Student Affairs also funded our public programs and outreach efforts. Thanks to our Kickstarter backers for underwriting the Congregate catalog.

Congregate Art + Faith + Community and its related programs were made possible by the generous support of Friends of Curatorial Practice.

-Co-Instructor, Jeffry Cudlin

We would like to thank the following people for their mentorship and help during the production of this exhibition!

M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice PROGRAM DIRECTOR

George Ciscle


Jeffry Cudlin

Gerald Ross


Michelle Gomez

Ashley Molese

Victoria Timpo

Caitlin Tucker-Melvin

Qianfei Wang

Xiaotian Yang


Myrtis Bedolla

Emily Blumenthal

Frankie Jones

Michael Mazepink

Ben Stone

Karen Stults

Garland Thomas

Stephen Townes

Stewart Watson


“CONGREGATE art + faith + community” is made possible partially through generous support from:

MICA Office of Student Affairs

MICA Office of Community Engagement

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Robinson

Kibebe Gizaw (Macmillan Stewart Foundation)

Richard and Sheila Riggs

Friends of the M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice


“CONGREGATE art + faith + community” exhibition and catalog is made possible through the support of our Kickstarter backers:

Anthony Odro

Mahnoor Ahmed

Catherine Akins

Jaimianne Amucci

John Anderson

Christina Bailey

Karen Bass

Veronica Betancourt

Emily Blumenthal

Peter Brunn

Catherine Borg

Alesha Burk

Kenyatta Carter

Cheng Cao

Grace Dwiyana Chan

Abbie Chessler

Erin Chrest

George Ciscle

Marcus Civin

Hannah Cohen

Hoesy Corona

Maeve Coudrelle

Mary Cuervo

Kathy Cudlin

Cisco Davis Jr.

Leanne Hafer-Dippong

Niamh Doherty

Carly Donnelly

Francisco Donoso

Marcia Dresner

Pamela Droscoll

Sarah Edelsburg

Delia Fernandez

Peggy Fussell

Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner

Dennis Gingrich

Diana Gomez

Michelle Gomez

Jenny O’Grady

Kimberly Gladfelter Graham

Fredye Gross

Deana Haggag

Aaron Heinsman

Brockett Horne

Ahmed Jamil

C.S. Jamil

Kelly Johnson

Kasey Jones

Lou Joseph

Nate Larson

Elizabeth Lily

Ellen Lupton

Nicole Martinell

Kayleigh Marshall

Karol Martinez

Bettyann & Bill Melvin

Caitlin Tucker-Melvin

Jacquelyn Melvin

Alex Moir

Sarah Molese

Brittany Montoya

Nicole Mueller

Abigail Parrish

Michael Patterson

Jordan Pemberton

Charlene Pendergast

Anne Perkins

Sidney Pink

Gerald Ross

Irene Ross

Kimberly Shorter

Rachel Sitkin

Steven Silberg

Chrissy Solaro

Anthony Summers

Linda Surlak

Dr. Carlos M. Taracido

Victoria Timpo

James M. Tucker

Diana Valencia

Andrea Vespoint

Qianfei Wang

Stewart Watson

Doug Mayo-Wells

Jessica Wyatt

Amy Glengary Yang

Xiaotian Yang

Ashley Molese

Ellen Burchenal

Ginevra Shay

Iris Garcia

Maria Nelson


Thanks to these people who dedicated their time into helping install the exhibition!


Gerald Ross

David Zimmerman

Lou Joseph

Andrea Dixon

Trina Lee


M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice class of 2013

M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice class of 2015