Youth Programs are a success!

CONGREGATE’s Youth Programs started out successfully on July 26, 2013. The summer workshops will visit local arts organizations in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District, to get a glimpse into who is here and what they are up to! In addition, “CONGREGATE art + faith + community” will offer a series of screen-printing and letterpress workshops for youth within the congregations in conjunction with Baltimore Print Studios.

The screen printing and letterpress workshop series will generate community conversations about place, belonging and identity. This workshop aims to build relationships between youth congregants, artists and community organizations within the arts district. Through community discussions, the youth will decide on the content that will be created during the print workshop.

After the workshop, all the posters, which created by youth, will be presented in MICA’s Studio Center Sheila & Richard Riggs and Leidy galleries on view from September 6-25, 2013. These prints will serve as a platform for engagement from the audience, inviting viewers to offer written responses to questions the youth have posed to the audience. The screen printing and letterpress processes will be a platform for how the participants choose to share their stories, interests, and experiences.

These programs are proudly sponsored by the MICA Office of Student Affairs Community Service Fund and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Robinson. Thank you for your help! And big thanks to Baltimore Print Studios!

Visit our Youth Programs page for more details. More photos on our Facebook page.